iHipHop Exclusive Interview: Slaine On Overcoming Adversity, The Boston Mentality & ‘Cogan’s Trade’ Co Starring Brad Pitt, Ray Liotta & James Gandolfini

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While Slaine has created a cult following both alone and as a part of La Coka Nostra he has also gained notoriety for acting in films such as Gone Baby Gone & The Town.  He most recently released an album entitled A World Without Skies that Slaine describes as a project that “spanned everything from religion and race.  You know struggle, addiction, death and loss…And kind of put it into how that translated into hope“.

Slaine also speaks on how he has dealt with gaining notoriety, particularly in the city of Boston.  Finally he speaks on his upcoming film Cogan’s Trade co starring Brad Pitt, Ray Liotta & James Gandolfini.




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