iHipHop Exclusive Video Interview: Freeway Discusses Pilgrammage To Mecca, Beanie Sigel vs Jay-Z & How The Music Business Has Changed

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The Philly Freezer took a couple minutes out his busy schedule to chop it up with me about a few of topics.  In the first segment he discusses his recent pilgrimage to Mecca and the significance it had in his life.  Freeway also touches on some of the cultural differences, and how it puts America in perspective.  In the second clip he talks about how the music business has changed since he has been involved in it, and declares that he has no idea what Beanie is trying to accomplish by going at Jay.  Check it out.  Also be sure to cop The Stimulus Package in stores now.  Check out Rashaan’s review here.


Freeway Discusses His Pilgrimage To Mecca & Muslim Faith from iHipHop on Vimeo.


Freeway On The Economics Of The Business & Beanie vs Jay from iHipHop on Vimeo.



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