iHipHop Exclusive Video Interview: Sir Michael Rocks Talks Becoming A Solo Artist, Getting Swagger Jacked & More

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The Cool Kids, first came onto my radar one day while watching cable, and  a Rhapsody commercial with their song, ‘Black Mags’ was featured. After that, it seemed like Chuck Inglish and  Sir Michael Rocks were on every Hip-Hop blog imaginable, feeding their fans with an unlimited amount of free music.

Fast forward to the present time, and you’ll find the two now pursuing solo endeavors, while continuing to assist each other at the same time. We were able to catch up with the main mouthpiece of the Cool Kids in Sir Michael Rocks here in New York at  Chung King Studios in NYC, as the Jet Life artist talked about his latest project Lap Of Lux, the differences between being a solo artist versus being in a group, and how he feels like the entire industry swagger jacked The Cool Kids.  Check it out below.