iHipHop Exclusive Video Interview: Young Guru Talks Curating Hip-Hop Culture, Jay Electronica’s Debut Album & More

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Seldom do you hear an engineer get shouted out on the actual records. Their credit usually comes via the liner notes when you’re reading along to see who’s done what on the entire album. But if your name happens to be Gimel “Young Guru” Keaton, that means Jay-Z has been shouting you out vocally since the days of In My Lifetime Vol. 1.

The engineer/DJ from Delaware has had a hand in practically every project that Mr. Carter has released in his career. With that being said, the accolades don’t stop there, as he’s also been instrumental in the careers of Fabolous, Ghostface Killah, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, and Mrs. Carter herself just to name a few.

These days, when he’s not manning the boards in the studio, you can catch him on the road serving as Jay-Z’s tour DJ, or back in New York working behind the scenes at Roc Nation.

We caught up with him during the A3C Hip-Hop Festival down in Atlanta where he talked about releasing a book, what he looks for in an artist, the elusive Jay Electronica, and plenty more. Time to hear from the man with the Midas touch.