Illus Gets In The Paint

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Adam ‘Illus Wallenta is an artist, writer, musician and all around creative guy.  I met him at a J.J Brown album release party at SOB’s.

He’s a sick illustrator. You can find his work at American Mule Entertainment which is his company.

He’s also published the official Public Enemy comic book and soundtrack.  It’s a bi-monthly comic book series S1W, James Bomb, Adam “Illus” Wallenta and Chuck D.

I saw his art featured in several videos- went to his site- loved the work and thought it would be mad cool to do something special for IHipHop so here it is.  Enjoy!




  1. Truly enjoyed it. I laughed in appreciation throughout it, thinking how fun it is to see the same creative spirit in the family three thousand miles away. Keep it up.

  2. Nice bro love the live art and definatley feeling the rhymes as always stay creative and innovative ohh yea Im feeling the MPC lol

  3. This is AWESOME. Can't wait to get his new cd. Thanks for posting this. Never heard of Illus until now. Wish the interview was a bit longer so we could get to know him more.

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