Indie Group Deux Process Lays Smackdown On Label CEO

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      You always hear about the horror stories of artists getting screwed over by record labels. Most of the time it’s due to the artists not really paying attention to the contracts that they signed or not having a lawyer go over it thoroughly. But when a record label totally ignores the contract, that’s just straight disrespect!

      Apparently that’s what indie label Avatar Records did to hip-hop group, Deux Process, but group members Vise Versa and Chief Nek are not having. In a letter that is making it around the internet, Vise Versa gives Avatar Records CEO, Larry Robinson a verbal smackdown. The letter breaks down how advanced money was never received, how producers on the album were never paid, how the artist themselves paid for their own marketing and touring in support of their debut album, In Deux Time, and how distribution of the album only lasted seven months because the label’s distributor dropped them because of bad business practices.


Here’s a piece of the letter:


“…upon signing with your independent label, Avatar Records, I did not "expect" to become a star overnight, I did not "expect" to receive a massive promotions budget, I did not "expect" to receive radio or video spins, nor did I "expect" to have the clout of a major label machine behind us….I did however "expect" to have the written contract between us honored to the letter, and upon signing and executing it we lived up to every commitment required and "expected" of us. Unfortunately, you, Larry Robinson, and your  label, Avatar Records did not live up to ANY of the written obligations "expected" of your company in a contract YOU WROTE, and that was, unfortunately, very "unexpected."”


      Deux Process says they are owed $15,000 from the label and are asking for the rights of their debut album back. To view the letter in its entirety and to see how Deux Process said they were screwed over, check out COLORADO HIPHOP.


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