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 KOCH Records


Founded (Date):


 A long time ago, but KOCH Records as it currently stands with a dedication to hip-hop has been around 6 years


                Founders: Michael Koch


Backstory: Originally launched as a Distributor many years ago, KOCH Records started making a play for Hip-Hop when Alan Grunblatt joined the company 6 years ago.


Greatest Achievements: To date…back-to-back #1 Radio charting records with UNK’s “Walk It Out” and Jim Jones’ “We Fly High.” First week sales of 106,000 units on Jim Jones was also a nice landmark given how difficult the retail climate has become. Also #1 Ringtone and video on MTV2 and B.E.T. on “We Fly High” was nice as well.


Current and Future projects: Phase II of Jim Jones’ currently album Hustler’s P.O.M.E. which will continue to be a priority well into 2007. New projects from B.G. & The Chopper City Boyz, Prodigy, new DoggPound and much more to come


Goals and Purpose: Looking for Gold/Platinum releases in every platform. CD sales, Ringtone sales, Digital Sales every which way we can get it!


Within the Game: KOCH is the new paradigm that the majors are looking to save money. If you look around, a bunch of the “incubator” programs out there are modeled are what we’ve been doing for years now. We don’t need to sell 500,000 units to recoup. We want the artist to make money and we want to make money. If no one’s making money, what’s the point.


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