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Label name:


 Stones Throw Records
Founded (Date): 1996


Peanut Butter Wolf

Backstory (What’s the story behind the launch of the label? How was it launched? Why was it launched?):


Peanut Butter Wolf founded Stones Throw to release music by his slain partner Charizma. Wolf and Charizma recorded a large amount of music for Hollywood Basics, a Los Angeles based label funded by Disney that released the first music by DJ Shadow and Organized Konfusion amongst others, in the early 90s before Charizma died in 1993. Stones Throw’s first release was the Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf 12” “My World Premier.”
Greatest Achievements (What are the label’s proudest moments? Going platinum? Releasing a classic?


Signing a legend?): 1) Finally issuing the Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf album “Big Shots” in 2004 2) releasing Madlib and MF DOOM’s collaboration “Madvillainy” 3) releasing music by the late, great J.Dilla 4) continuing to work with Dilla’s mother, Maureen Yancey, to keep Dilla’s music alive 5) working with Madlib to release music that runs the musical gamut back, front and side to side.
Current and Future projects (What current projects are you pushing and what’s planned for the next year?):


 J.Dilla’s rarely heard masterpiece “Ruff Draft”, Percee P’s debut album “Perseverance”, Madlib’s long awaited solo album, Guilty Simpson, Koushik, Baron Zen Remixes, Arabian Prince compilation, Heliocentrics, Whitefield Brothers and more.
Goals and Purpose (What kind of impact are you hoping to make on the industry? What goals do you have for the label?):


 Release timeless music.
Within the Game (How does the label fit within the current climate of hip-hop? Or does it even fit in at all? 
What’s the label’s personality in relation to the rest of hip-hop?):


 We’re trying our damndest to release hip hop that will withstand the test of time. If Ghostface can rap over “Know The Ledge” in 2006 and make it sound fresh and ill, it’s certainly possible.



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