Iraqi-American Rapper Writes a Letter to George W. Bush

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By: Rizoh

      Timz, an American-born rapper of Iraqi heritage, has unleashed a music video that’s sure to land him in some hot soup. The politically charged clip, titled “Dear Mr. George Bush,” rails against the U.S. government’s highly criticized involvement in the Iraq war.

      In the controversial video, Timz rhymes: “Look what they give us: blood from the world to fill up our rivers.” And “You killed my family, and I should say ‘thank you’? No thanks, you got your tanks, I got my gun…bring it on!”

      Elsewhere on the second verse, he raps: “Why do you insist to make a fool of us? For over 200 years… we stood for what’s good, now we despised by our peers; And what do you…but add fuel to the fire and send in more troops. Oh the troops God save the troops; it wasn’t their war their lies their fault. America the beautiful what did they do to you, they used you its so indisputable!”

      “Dear Mr. George Bush” is taken from Timz’s debut CD, Iraq.


Watch Timz’s “Dear Mr. George Bush” video below:


  1. take that bullshit somewere else.if you gone make a song about was going on,put the facts in it,instead of just acting like your people are angels and U.S.A. is the bad ones,get it right your leader was a murdered, he killed is own people for no your history first clown.

  2. that was a decent attempt, but you must realize this guy is going to get some unwanted attention. the concept was good, but you should have keep it more political instead of putting that unfounded history in it. one

  3. All yall mothafuckaz making ignorant comments dont even understand what tha fuck is going on. Yall think yall understand but really all yall mothafuckaz is blind. Open up ya mothafuckin eyes!!!

  4. Finally someonez speakin up bout Miss Gorge Fuckn Bush. Wot tha fuck gives him the right 2 go 2 Iraq in the first place!! Terrism??!! My Ass. He doin the same fuckn thang (attaking other countys killing pepols(thats terriosm ay?)) sept for its gone on for twice azz long. Sending people over there fightin for there country that duz wot for them. Aint people still homeless from Hurricane Katrina??!! Spending $$$$$ (prolly tax munie 2) on sendin trops over 2 Iraq 2 fight for what. When there are the people in your own fucking country need help. WTF. Don’t those people count??!! Havnt 10 times more people died than in 911. it waz 911 that started this shit right?? Do people even know anymore??


  5. Hey HITHARD!!!! STUPID!

    First of all. Learn who you are talking smack about before you actually open your mouth. Idiot! TIMZ, is politically correct if you know what that means? All the things he is saying are true. All you stupid people out there who are only of american decent, are all brainwashed by the media. TURN OFF THE TV’S, AND PICK UP A BOOK! TIMZ is not trying to be like every other lame ass rapper. He is actually making an impact in the game for us CHRISTIAN IRAQI’S. Oh, and by the way. Since all you Stupids in this Post who are negative think you are making sense when you are speak. Think Again!

  6. For instance, SLIMGUTTA! Now there’s a true IDIOT! I suggest you read the BIBLE. You NEED TO! Where’s Jesus from?
    Nenevah! Where’s That? In Iraq! Where are Adam and Eve From? Garden of Eden! Where is that? Iraq! and its real Name is ARADEN! Which is Now the Northern Part of Iraq. Look it Up During the BABYLONIAN ERA! And why is it that only Iraqi’s know about all this. BECAUSE WE ARE THE FIRST EVER CIVILIZATION! and hold true to our culture. And Im like TIMZ, Born in America, but of Assyrian/Chaldean Decent. Do Your History Idiots Before You all Speak. Any ???’s. Holla at me! I’ll be Sure to School Your Asses to my best ability. You all Have a Wonderful day. Hold It Down TIMZ!!!! ASSYRIAN/CHALDEANS FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!

  7. Do your thing Timz’s, cats on this post don’t understand what hip hop is all about.
    They have been exposed to too much coon-hop for too long.

    slimgutta, go back 20 years and listen to what hip hop was about, no compromise with the powers that be, regardless of what might happen after.

    Hiphop has become stagnant in The United Police States of America, only a few real hip hop artists are left, Dead Prez, immortal technique, Krs, Nas and a few others, the rest are just tools of the white elates, to destroy who were kissed by the sun. ( Melanin )

    Hitsoft, you sound like a white boy who have no business in this dialogue, check out murs track (and this is for) we ant the same when police show up, my couture is not a trend, be it black is not in, but for you it’s just a phase you gonna have to transcend.


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