Iron Solomon Serves E. Ness Of Making The Band Fame

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Everyone remembers Dylan from Making The Band for one reason or another, but E. Ness is about to take his place in the history books…for getting served by Iron Solomon at Grind Time’s Grizzle Mania 2 in Miami.  In the main event of Grizzle Mania’s second day, Iron Solomon, who is arguably the best battle rapper alive today, unanimously defeated E. Ness whilst clowning Diddy and Soul Khan.  Furiously tearing Ness to shreds, Solomon spit, “that MTV show we all thought was a sham/bunch of no name wack rappers scam with a fraudulent scam/only kept you on the show ’cause you fought with your hands/couldn’t make one single good song with your fam and puff got the nerve to call you a band/your sh*t flopped, you get dropped you call him your man

E. Ness would’ve held his own against a fair amount of competitors, but his lyrics came off as child’s play in comparison to Solomon’s witty punchlines and poignant delivery.   How are you going to respond to a brutal battle to the tune of “Do Wah Diddy” plus a Diddy punchline involving the phrase Puff Puff pass?  This is like watching a house cat fight a mountain lion…


  1. yoooooooooooooo i watched this shit earlier soloman is a fuckin beast… he ate this dude. His bars in round 3 about where em jay nas and biggie were at in their career at age 33 is ridiculous

  2. Best Rapper alive Arguably are you fucking crazy. he not even in the discussion. In my opinion, the best rapper should have mass appeal, move mass units,and have a classic album

  3. Elliot Ness got him e was spitting bars nonstop iron solomon was stopping ans sounded a lil rehearsed ness was off the top! Ness WINS!!

  4. that punch line shit cool…but the nigga Ness aint fuckin wit u. fuck with that greasy shit b4 comedy any day. ashy lip nigga haha

  5. “Im Lebron james

    the times changed

    Im playin with the heat

    and thats the mind frame..”


    “…and Im shootin in direction,

    of your little rootin' section..”


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