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Have to admit that the media frenzy surrounding Kanye and Amber Rose seems to have calmed down recently…there haven’t been any new pics of the couple for the past ten days or so, so is there any truth to the rumor circulating that Kanye is beginning to become a bore to Amber.
A posting on a certain message site which could possibly be bogus seems to imply that the shock value couple may have hit a low point in their relationship “A friend of mine in Philly is friends with Miss Amber and claims that Amber is tired of Kanye. She says that Kanye calls her looking for Amber when he can’t reach her himself. My friend says that Amber says there is no more chase…Kanye tells Amber how many girls would die to be in her place and tells her to do this and that… She also say Kanye wakes Amber up and says, “I’m ready to have sex…” Gotta love that last comment tho even if it is bogus…where do people get off making up comments like that.



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