Is Going To Jail A YMCMB Marketing Tool?

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According to MTV, Bow Wow tweeted a picture of himself sitting in a jail cell, with a caption saying “Been here before…. Haha,”. In October a Georgia court ordered Bow Wow to be arrested on sight and held in custody until documents requested for a civil lawsuit, are produced.

The suit, filed in Tennessee, is over Bow Wow’s alleged failure to pay a tour bus company almost $100,000 in fees. Since Bow Wow has failed to handle the matter in Tennessee court, the tour bus company took the case to Georgia, where Bow Wow lives, to have it settled.

Bow Wow also tweeted “All i know is im on a World Tour and i gotta sold out show in Paris France tomar. All they doing is making my album gain momentum…”. Oh yeah Bow Wow is preparing to release his album Underrated this spring.

This is crazy cause Wayne just came home, Cory Gunz is about to go in and now Bow Wow is too.  I guess Bow Wow and Cory Gunz listen to Drake ’cause the song says “No, don’t do it, please don’t do it/ Cause one of us goes in and we all go through it / And Drizzy got the money/ So Drizzy gonna pay it/ Those my brothers I ain’t even gotta say it/ That’s just something they know.” So Drizzy pay those legal fees for your brothers.