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kanye and t pain












T-Pain obviously thinks he is more important than he really is and I am ashamed to be even writing on this but I am just amazed that this kid thinks his opinion matters. This is what he has to say on the album coming from Kanye late November. Did Kanye really have him in his mind though? Hmmm shouldn’t there be a ‘pause’ after that remark? See what you think 😉
“I co-sign his whole album. I just flew in last night from Hawaii, working,” Pain said. “His whole album is crazy, and it’s definitely a different kind of Kanye. I mean, as far as ‘Love Lockdown’ goes, he did that whole thing himself. He just had me in mind. 808s is really all Kanye. I’m just here to keep it from [sounding] adult contemporary.” …


  1. and who the fuck is writing this. niggas forget that t-pain was the nigga came back with vocoder and now wayne, kayne, and alot of others about to come out with stlye so stop hatin if t-pain never would have done that kayne wouldnt even be thinkin about it

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