Mixtape Download: Izza Kizza takes us to Kizzaland

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The hitmaker of all hitmakers – Timbaland – is back and plotting another sacking of the Billboard charts. After killing all expectations with JT, his own compilation album, and even rock group OneRepublic, it seems like Timbo’s invincible. Simply put, he has an ear for extremely hot music, and knows how to put his own personal touch on it to make it resonate with the masses. Timbo’s latest venture is a new artists named Izza Kizza. Izza is from Valdosta, Georgia, and his musical and lyrical wit vary as widely as his extremely gap-toothed grin. After collaborating with producer 88-Keys on Adam’s Case Files and co-hosting a URB Magazine-sponsored Podcast with 88, the world got a small dose of 88’s hilarious-ness. Today, Izza Kizza has released his debut mixtape, Kizzaland, along with turntablist and the recently iHipHop-featured Nick Catchdubs. Download the mixtape here, and let us know what you think about Izza. On his personal blog, Catchdubs says “the Kizza tape might have the drop of the year.” Let us know if you agree. It’s certainly funky and covers a whole lot of different ground. Atypical from an artist who works very closely with Timbaland, but a nice surprise nonetheless. I actually met Izza underground after the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. He was looking for the right train, and was a rather nice guy, so I’m rooting for a good response. Enjoy.

Perspective’s Two Cents- Shit sounds pretty funky. I have no factual information to back this up, but I get the feeling the production is done by all of the dude’s from Timbo’s production team. They’re definitely experimenting with some different sounding beats. I kind of like the weird shit, so I’m feeling it. I guess you gotta start somewhere if you’re gunna bring sexy back.


Izza Kizza – Kizzaland