J Futuristic Hitting The Sauce

14 years ago view-show 758,835

What’s more gangsta than pretending to pour barbeque sauce on yourself for three minutes?  Pretty much everything.  I guess J Futuristic didn’t get the memo because he spent his entire “Sauce” music video sitting a Buick with an industrial sized jar of sauce from Costco gesturing as if he was going to  dump the concoction on his head.  It would have been more g’d out if Mr. Futuristic dumped some of his sauce on a group of hood rats.  That’s not to say J Futuristic needs to that that lane; this is just a fun track to listen to in general.  If this song doesn’t pan out as a hit single, he can always do KC Masterpiece commercials or go another route and endorse K.Y. considering how he brags about having “sauce all on his D.