Jadakiss Arrested on Charges of Drug and Gun Possesion

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By: Rizoh

      New York rapper Jadakiss was arrested for weapon and drug possession on Saturday (September 7th), according to The Associated Press. The rapper born Jason Phillips was one of four people inside a 2006 Toyota Camry stopped by Yonkers Police department at about 4:30 a.m. The officers noticed that the vehicle’s driver was behaving oddly, and noticed an odor of marijuana as they approached the car. Jadakiss and the three other men–Darnell Frazier, Benjamin Lockhart and Kristian Smith—were all charged with criminal possession of a weapon when a loaded .38 caliber revolver, which had been reported stolen, was found inside the vehicle. The LOX frontman was also charged with possession of marijuana, while the driver (Darnell Frazier) was charged with driving under the influence. All were then remanded to Westchester County Jail where they’ll be held until at least Tuesday (September 10th), when they are slated to appear in court.

       Drug and weapon possession busts are nothing new to Jadakiss. In July, 2004, Kiss was arrested on charges of marijuana and gun possession in North Carolina when he was in Fayetteville for a club date. He reached a plea agreement the next year on the misdemeanor charges and paid a $900 fine. Police recovered less than an ounce of marijuana and two loaded .45 caliber Ruger pistols from the rapper’s vehicle in that incident.


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