Jadakiss Indicted on Gun and Drug Charges

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By: Rizoh

      Jadakiss, known for his slick metaphors and tough talk, has been indicted charges of weapons and drug possession.

      The 31-year old emcee born Jason Phillips pled “not guilty” to those charges Westchester County Court yesterday (February 8th). His lawyer Clement Patti maintained that he was yet to see or hear of any evidence connecting his client to possessing this weapon. According to Patti, Jadakiss was in the back seat and didn’t know there was a gun in the front console.

      As previously reported on hiphopcrack, Kiss was one of four people stopped by Yonkers Police department in September, 2006. Cops had observed that the driver of the 2006 Toyota Camry transporting Jada and others was behaving oddly, and noticed an odor of marijuana as they approached the car.

      If convicted on the gun charge, Jadakiss could face between 16 months and seven years behind bars.


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