Jamie Foxx: “Everyone Knows I Do It…I Got Weed Smoking Lips”

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After hotwiring the original Batmobile, ripping a few shots and dancing around stage, Jamie Foxx sat down with George Lopez to talk about how much he burns.  Speaking on the failed Prop 19, Foxx said “I was baked while I was in there voting, and I don’t remember what I voted for.”  He went on to say that he’s old school because he doesn’t smoke blunts, just joints and that when he met with Snoop Dogg, the Doggfather had his own personal blunt roller.  He recounted meeting President Obama, joking, “he’s always cool…he has to be…the President is smoking…I think we a little baked.”  For some reason, this promotional appearance for his upcoming album, Body, was filled with weed anecdotes, such as Lopez giving Jamie a special brownie baked by his grandmother.  I didn’t realize Foxx got down like that.