Jay Disses Weezy, Timbaland a Daddy

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Jay Disses Weezy

      One thing about Jay is when he says something everyone listens. I am sure El Presidente has upset a few Weezy fans though by saying Weezy should never be mentioned in the same sentence as him. Hmmm does Jay have issues with Weezy being a threat we wonder?

Timbaland Gonna Be a Daddy

      Super producer Timbaland is going to be a Daddy for the first time…word on the street is that a fabulous babyshower went on down in Miami this weekend for the future Miss Timbo..yeah the baby is a girl…cute


  1. jay sold more records than wayne but wayne got more street niggaz listenin to him..jay got money and went commercial wayne gettin money and still got time to show love to the n.o.. wayne gets my vote

  2. Fuck Weezy! J is hiphop, all these lil babys need 2 breath on it. im tired of cats compareing this new age “rap” bullshit 2 “hipHop”, Weezy hass like 30 other rappers thats hotter then him.& before you pussy ass niggas start 2 compare anyone 2 J u better check the fucken rhym u dicks……………

  3. cant no rapper fuck with jay weezy knows it he wouldnt had apologize to jay 4 saying hes better than him weezy just hope 1day people would view him like jay

  4. well we all know that weezy was on Jay-z dick when jay was beefing wit Nas. so that goes to show right there that weezy wants to be J-Z all yall wayne fans need to face the facts. weezy wants to be Jay-z.

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