Jay Disses Weezy, Timbaland Gonna Be a Daddy

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Jay Disses Weezy

      One thing about Jay is when he says something everyone listens. I am sure El Presidente has upset a few Weezy fans though by saying Weezy should never be mentioned in the same sentence as him. Hmmm does Jay have issues with Weezy being a threat we wonder?

Timbaland Gonna Be a Daddy

      Super producer Timbaland is going to be a Daddy for the first time…word on the street is that a fabulous babyshower went on down in Miami this weekend for the future Miss Timbo..yeah the baby is a girl…cute


  1. lil wayne is wack and fake i dont see how people like this fag, people who like this dude must be deaf at ears or somethin listen to real dudes like Luda or even T.I. im not even going to name any East Coast rappers some of yall never even heard of the peps im about to name and Jay is right dude shouldnt be in the same sentence as him he no where near his level

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