Jay Z Caught Again

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Not once but twice has Jay Z been in this place when cops have raided it. The Box is an upscale sex club for celebrities and has an extensive list of patrons from all walks of life and all fields of entertainment, business and fashion. It is literally the place where the A list go to get their freak on and their rocks off. Anyhow turns out Jay got away without being frisked like other members who were present. Jay was supposed to be their in May when it got raided because of something to do with a liquor license. Well maybe he and B have look but don’t touch rule.


  1. Jay needs to actually make a label..not a clothing line but a real label don’t run to DEF JAM don’t claim your the king..just be the STREETS because even he know’s..THE STREETS ARE WATCHING..!!ROCAFELLA put out who? WHO the hell was good on ROCAFELLA..just HIM..we made this man a GOD when he didn’t do a damn thing…if BIGGIE were here..I’d love to see a battle between the STREETS and ROCA-Z…no contest…Peace

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