Jay-Z Close To Inking Book Deal…

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adjayAccording to The New York Observer, Jay-Z is in the midst of closing a book deal that will include the release of a book on lyrics.

The final touches of the book deal are being made with Spiegel & Garu, an imprint of Random House.

Matthew Guma, Jay Z’s literary agent, pitched three types of books to publishers including a traditional memoir, a business book, and a book in which Jay-Z gives the back-story to his lyrics.

Spiegel & Garu are attempting to acquire the book on Jay-Z’s lyrics.

If published, the book will become a first for the Brooklyn born lyricist.

When The Black Album was released in 2003 there were plans for a book entitled The Black Book to be released as well, but plans to release the book were nixed by Hov himself.

As of yet, there is no release date for the book and neither Jay-Z nor his agent have commented on the deal…