Jay-Z Exposed by His Right Hand Man

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By: Rizoh

      Even though Jay-Z and Dame Dash are the well-known co-founders of Roc-A-Fella Records, a man named Dehaven now claims he’s the one responsible for The ROC’s existence. The Brooklyn native, who was referenced on “December 4th,” promised to expose Jay-Z and Dame Dash for who they really are in a new book.

“I’ll let y’all know how bad they f***ed the game up and how blind they got y’all talking ‘bout how real they are and sh*t.”

      Dehaven admitted, though, that money remains the main motive behind his decision to air out Jay-Z but added that it’s also about street principles. “You ain’t paying what you owe to the n***as that put you on there,” he reprimands. “Remember how my moms used to come get you when you get locked up. Remember how she was taking us to the same clinic when we was burning and sh*t, when we was f***ing the same b***h.”

      This isn’t the first time Jay-Z has been “exposed” by disgruntled cronies from back in the day. Back in July, a former Brooklyn drug dealer who Jay shouted out on “Allure” told DJ Kay Slay that Hov is a phony. “In the 80’s,  Jay wasn’t trying to be a drug dealer he was trying to be a rapper,” said the man named Calvin Klein, “but in order for him to transcend himself into this  hell of a dude,  he had to take characters  from the 80’s like myself , said Klein. “  I give him 10% of his life that he talked about; I gotta give him something.  He is from Brooklyn, he lived in Marcy Projects, his name is Sean Carter, he got that right.”

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  1. I’m sick of dudes on different sites tip riding Jay-Z as if he’s almighty, holier than thou or something. Jay-Z is a lyrical legend, but if the nigga is a bum as nigga, he’s a bum as nigga.

  2. thats that petty ass bullshit dis nigga aint gettin no bread and he hatin. tryin to expose jay to be a lame ass nigga aint gon do shit to jay. jay is at a point in his life where this nigga talkin shit is gon be like hittin a fly on the windshield of your car just annoying. anyways this nigga need to stop hatin and get his bread up. thats real.

  3. Bumm ass nigga tryna expose jay..fool get a life..if youre responsible for the formation of the ROC, how come you still in tha hood..and flippin dame is wort 250 million, and jay is double that..even bleek gat more paper than u..what happened..

  4. this nigga sounds like hes hatin but might be telling the thr truth at the same time. niggas kill me talkn bout how much money jay has but if u aint real u aint shit if u had money ud understand that ur remembered by who u are not how much fuckin money u have cauz someones always makin more than the next so i say be true to your fam, ur hood,ur race,ur partners cauz u represent them also, and definitly to urself when u die u cant take that money and shit with u, but u can take ur reputation and what u stood for. so this nigga could be tellin the truth broke niggas be on that money shit, if this niggas a phony then face it and stop ridin jays DICK!!!!!!

  5. Yo is this DUCk AZZ nikka serious. Fuck what before the rock. See this is the type of shit that happens when niggaz don’t get money…they leech off other niggas. Jay owe this nigga wat, nuffin. He’s a clown, he aint produce no albums, he aint write no lyrics so wat earth is this nikka living on. But hey i don’t hate so i’ma cop the nikka book anyway and help the nikka pay his car note and get fresh cause he need it….

  6. none of you niggas on this real shit thats why you cant relate,brooklyn was more than music and unfortunately b.i.g. is not around,jay-z is not brooklyn but i understand how tv(tell lies to your vision) plays the part!!ya believe what ya see but the true fact is these niggas are rich thats for sure and the game is fucked we niggas are good at doing that!!!!hip hop bring back!!!ny!!!

  7. This nigga is so fucken crazy, nigga we dont believe your ass u need more people plus u aint got cash u dumb ass. If the idea was yours behind The ROC y not start your own and stop acting like a virgin bitch.

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