Jay-Z Removes American Gangster CD from iTunes

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By: Rizoh

      Jay-Z is taking an unconventional marketing approach with the release of his 10th studio album, American Gangster. The Def Jam prez just announced his decision to remove the album from iTunes. To ensure that consumers enjoy the album in its entirety, individual tracks from American Gangster will not be available for purchase via Apple’s digital retail store.

      Now, you may be wondering why Jay-Z would be willing to undermine sales of his new CD by removing it from the increasingly popular iTunes store. Wonder no more. Jay’s plan for the album exceeds sales and numbers. “As movies are not sold scene by scene,” says Jay-Z via a statement, “this collection will not be sold as individual singles.”

      American Gangster, which was inspired by the Ridley Scott movie of the same name, is in stores now.


  1. man if i had that power of control and wanted my fans to feel my album i would do the same thing an artist wants his artistic expression deciphered and debated on

  2. Who cares? His album is garbage anyways. I can’t believe P Diddy or whatever that lose goes by nowadays made a big deal out of the beats, claiming he had saved them for a good time and that biggie’s the only other guy he’d give them too.

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