Jay-Z to Sell Share Of Brooklyn Nets, In Order To Become NBA Sports Agent

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It was all good just a year ago… 

Looks like the business man is quickly en route to his next venture. Reports are coming through saying that Shawn Corey Carter is looking to dump his share of the team he helped bring to Brooklyn in order to become the next Jerry MaGuire. As it stands, Jay-Z owns .067 percent (1/15th of a percent), and that stake is worth $350,000.00.

He should have no trouble trying to unload that to the highest bidder, as he embarks on his next business journey. Reports also indicate that current agents are nervous at the thought of Mr. Carter becoming an agent, due to his celebrity status, and the option to present business opportunities to clients, that they can’t.

Looks like there’s gonna be a new sheriff in town.