Jeezy Can’t Catch A Break…

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So I was reading JaimLou’s recap of Summer Jam, and it appears that Waka took a shot at Jeezy that was something along the lines of “N*ggas talking about the real is back. If it ain’t Brick Squad, it ain’t real.”  This was definitley in reference to Jeezy’s most recent mixtape/declaration, The Real Is Back.  Seems a little out of nowhere, but considering Waka’s allegiance to Gucci, who has had notable beefs with Jeezy in the past, I can’t say I was fully surprised.

On top of that, people were insinuating that Ross was taking subliminal jabs at Jeezy at the end of his recent leak “The Finals“.  The Boss went on the following diatribe; “We gunna call this the finals.  This so I can have your a$$ finalized.  We 25 million up n*gga, double M-G the untouchable.  F*ck boy…f*ck boy…f*ck boy…still a f*ck boy.”  Can’t say for sure that Ross was going at Jeezy.  However, most people are under the impression that he was.  Even former CTE members are coming out of the woodwork to question Jeezy’s street credibility.

So what’s Jeezy to do?  I think the biggest irony of the whole Rick Ross vs Jeezy beef is that it stems from the fact Rick Ross figured out how to make Young Jeezy records better than Young Jeezy.  Jeezy is still getting those Drumma Boy/Shawty Redd type beats while Ross is getting that new hotness from J.U.S.T.I.C.E League/Lex Luger.  I still legitimately believe that if Jeezy got his hands on that “Hustle Hard” beat before the illustrious Mr. Hood, that he would be back in the mix in the relevancy department.

To be real, I think Jeezy may be solely responsible for the predicament that he is currently in.  It seems like he allowed his ego get the better of him.  It kind of all started with the Gucci beef.  Jeezy got mad because Gucci was popping.  Instead of embracing Gucci’s wave, he got proud, and it made Jeezy look corny.  I know that their beef is a lot deeper than that, but you get my point.  The same thing happend with Rick Ross.  Dude was looking jealous, and no one finds that to be a redeeming quality; particularly in gangster rappers.  It was also just limiting the people who could now work with him.  There might be certain producers that have a sound that is currently relevant who may be hesitant to work with Jeezy due to their allegiances to artists/camps Jeezy is beefing with.  For example, I’m pretty sure Lex Luger hasn’t worked with Jeezy. Does that have something to do with the fact Waka Flocka put Luger on? Jeezy is the type of artist that needs that Lex Luger sound in 2011.  But can he get it?

There is most definitely still hope.  Jeezy is one of the most universally revered rappers in the game.  Hands down.  I’m pretty sure my mother knows who he is, which is often my indicator of if someone is actually famous.  As much as Jeezy has been struggling musically, I still think he is just one hit record short of being right back in the mix.  A lot of his most recent projects have had a lot of throwaway material on them.  However, there were still instances that make me reluctant to count Jeezy out.  The people want Jeezy to win.  All he needs to do is give them something to root for.



  2. this nigga who wrote the article don t know what he talking bout if niggas trying to get at jeezy is cuz he doing it

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