Jeezy Releases “American Dream” Featuring J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar

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Oh man.

Last week, trap pioneer, Jeezy, released the tracklist for his upcoming album, Pressure, set to release tomorrow, December 15th. Decorated by a diverse collection of big names, the tracklist sparked excitement for the Trap or Die 3 successor. But one guest pairing stood out above the rest: “American Dream” featuring J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. Today, we’ve received that cut, and it somehow exceeds expectations.

J. Cole and Kendrick are widely regarded as the game’s two most superior lyricists, conjuring up hope for a collaboration album between the skilled rhymers. And while they’ve shown signs of this hope becoming a reality in the past, such as when they exchanged production on their Black Friday remixes, this hope has still remained a fantasy. The rumored joint album might forever linger in the hip-hop ethos, we can take this consolation with a smile on our faces, as it demonstrates the power of their thunder and lightning.

Celebrating achieving the American dream, this track celebrates the handwork needed to convert one’s dreams into a reality. It emits a palpable swagger, and backs it up handedly.

Stream “American Dream” below: