Jennifer Lopez ‘Sex’ Tape Is On The Way

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myra1Jennifer Lopez has been fighting the release of her sex tape with ex-husband, Ojani Noa for years now. J.Lo`s team had the tape blocked due to a confidentiality agreement Noa reportedly signed when the couple split which banned him from making such private material public.

According to popeater J.Lo’s ex has recently sold the video to his current girlfriend, who is already going forward with a scheme to release the footage via a distributor. On Friday, according to, a judge in the case has ruled that the plan is legal.

Now there is a bidding war to see which of the porn companies will get it first. A major contender called Pornhub, is quite eager for the chance to buy the video. “We are part of the largest network of adult sites on the Internet. Also we have the largest traffic, we get 50 million views per day,” said site owner, Kate Miller. “We can pay the most because we got the most money.