Jermaine Dupri Leaves Virgin Over Janet’s Poor Album Sales

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By: Rizoh
      Producer/rapper Jermaine Dupri has confirmed widespread speculations that he has stepped down from his top executive position as head at Virgin Records. Dupri, boyfriend of Janet Jackson told The Associated Press that he has resigned as a President of Urban Music department at Jackson’s label, Virgin, amid poor sales of her new album, 20 Y.O.
     "Since there are so many rumors running rampant about my position at Virgin Records, I feel that it is necessary to set the record straight," Dupri said. JD also shot down rumors that he was given the boot as opposed to leaving on his own. "I was not forced out of the company, I made a decision that it was in my best interest to leave."
     Janet Jackson’s new album was outsold by Ludacris’ Release Therapy in the opening week. According to sales figures, Jackson’s  currently occupies the No. 28 position with a total of 443,076 scans. It has not been established yet if Jermaine Dupri will also move the distribution of his label, So So Def, from Virgin.


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