Jhene Aiko and Swae Lee Unite for “Sativa”

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Her album, Trip, is a must listen too.

Seldom does a track’s cover art so perfectly embody a song’s vibe and aesthetic. Usually reserved to feature the artist, cover art doesn’t always enrich a song’s value. The same cannot be said for Jheine Aiko’s latest track, “Sativa”, featuring Swae Lee—a cut from her newly released album, Trip.

Easily deduced from reading the song’s title, “Sativa” is a hazy offering that paints the euphoric relationship between sativa marijuana and its user. Known for being an uplifting cerebral high, the sativa strain pairs well with—and even enhances—social situations, and can ease the burden of life’s omnipresent pain.

Aiko and Swae Lee’s harmonic voices cascade gingerly over The Firsticuffs production, creating a sonically pleasing product that begs for repeat plays.

Get started by streaming it below here: