John Legend Signs British Rapper, Wants to Work with Paris Hilton

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By: Rizoh

      John Legend has signed British rapper/singer Estelle as the first artist on his new label, Home School. Legend wasted no time in jumping on the Brit’s bandwagon after checking out demos for her debut album.

      “Estelle’s the first artist we’ve signed," Legend confirmed to MTV News recently. "My younger brother, Vaughn Anthony, is also gonna get signed soon, and I got a couple of MCs that I’m working with as well.”

      In related news, John Legend once told Star magazine that he’d like to work with Paris Hilton after buying a copy of her single, “Stars Are Blind.”

      "I thought it was a great song and should have done better even than it did,” said John Legend.
      JL will team up with a more talented singer, Corrine Bailey Rae, for his North American tour which starts in Irving, California on April 3.


  1. Check out The Swank. I got a British Group thats nasty at HipHop and R&B. Ill be working with the Dragunslayers from U.K. next. Check it out.

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