Joji Goes ‘Sneaker Shopping’ With Complex

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Speaking on taking back the black Air Force 1s, fashion sensibility, and much more.

Joji is a man of many talents. Getting his start as the YouTube comedian Filthy Frank, the Japanese-American artist has transcended these humble beginnings to become a genre-blending musician known for emotionally-brooding content. But Joji’s interests aren’t restricted to just entertainment — he’s also a sneakerhead (of sorts). Recently, he went on Complex’s Sneaker Shopping to give fans a taste of his footwear fashion sense.

Much like his personality, Joji’s sneaker taste is unique and somewhat irreverent. While the black Air Force 1s have a Scarlet Letter on them in the sneaker culture, Joji takes this distinct opportunity to take back the shunned kicks, making them a staple of his aesthetic. But that’s what makes Joji, Joji: an eccentric artist who leverages a contrarian mentality for outsized success.

Throughout his episode, Joji chops it up with host Joe La Puma about trying to change the narrative on the culture’s prohibited 1s, getting other sneakers early, the streetwear cultural difference between Japan and America, and much more.

Get to know the BALLADS 1 artist a little bit more by hitting play on his Sneaker Shopping episode below: