Joyner Lucas Continues The ‘ADHD’ Rollout With Eponymous Single

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The march to ADHD continues.

Joyner Lucas has never been one to follow the music industry’s status quo. A fiercely individualistic person, Joyner has been rolling out his upcoming album, ADHD, one single at a time — with the first, “I Love,” dating back to October ‘18, the same day as he announced the project. Slowly but surely, Joyner has been dropping singles in a seemingly a la carte fashion, and today he’s back with the latest, the eponymous “ADHD.”

Following mid-July’s “10 Bands” featuring Timbaland, “ADHD” continues Joyner’s lyric-focused aesthetic while conflating a more melodic side than we’re used to from the 31-year-old rapper. “ADHD” is a deep-dive into Lucas’ battle with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and how it’s plagued him his entire life. However, Joyner speaks with a dualistic mindset of gratitude and sadness, knowing how the disease has certainly affected him, but has also made him who he is. For better or worse, battling ADHD throughout his life has aided his resilience and talent.

Join the march to ADHD by bumping the title track below: