Joyner Lucas Offers Perspective On “Snitch”

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Evolution drops this Friday.

Recently, Joyner Lucas unveiled the official tracklist for his upcoming EP, Evolution. The successor to his long-awaited debut album, ADHD, which dropped in March, Joyner’s new project will be a 13-track effort, featuring The Game, Rick Ross, Ashanti, among others. Today, he’s released an official preview of what’s to come with his new single and video, “Snitch.”

Structured around a detective interrogation, the “Snitch” video illuminates Joyner’s message of holding one accountable for violating the code of ratting-out crew members for one’s own salvation. The visual provides a raw look into this harrowing process, and shows both sides of one’s thought process when deciding between sealing their lips and singing.

“Snitch” almost pays homage to Eminem and Dr. Dre’s “Guilty Conscience” classic, as Joyner plays both the angel and devil for the detained individual. The Massachucettes rapper paints both sides to this ultimately fatal coin, detailing the outcomes for each respective path.

As per usual, Joyner paints a vivid picture with his deft lyricism and storytelling chops.

Get ready for Evolution dropping this Friday by watching the “Snitch” video below: