Joyner Lucas Drops Off “Gucci Gang” Remix

5 years ago view-show 1,925,847

This man is on a mission.

Over the past week or so, Joyner Lucas has further proved why he is head and shoulders above the majority of hip-hop’s newcomers. Last week, he issued the daring, poignant video tackling America’s divisive race relations issues on “I’m Not Racist”, which garnered over 1.25MM views in one day. Yesterday, he demonstrated his diverse abilities by bodying the ever so popular “Gucci Gang” beat.

Ironically, this isn’t a celebration of Pump–quite the contrary. On his “Gucci Gang” remix, Joyner calls out pill popping rappers, essentially the majority of the SoundCloud wave, questioning their talent and motive behind drenching their anxieties in lean and xans. It’s possible that he chose “Gucci Gang” because it’s an uptempo beat, or it’s quite plausible that he selected it to display what a real spitter can do with the production. Either way, Joyner Lucas is on a mission.

Listen to Joyner’s “Gucci Gang” remix below: