Joyner Lucas Releases Poignant Video for “Frozen”

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This video will make you think twice while driving.

Joyner Lucas has been launched to hip-hop’s forefront after an arduous struggle to achieve notoriety. Thanks to his frequent remixes of popular tracks, from Future’s “Mask Off” to Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang”, which he uses to assert his lyrical superiority over the competition, and his refreshing candor, Joyner has begun to escape hip-hop’s margins to enjoy its limelight. This past Sunday, he took one more purposeful step towards this elusive spotlight with the release of his poignant video, “Frozen”.

Joyner is no stranger to funneling his artistry visually. In late November ‘17, the Massachusetts-based artist released the divisive, conversation-inducing video, “I’m Not Racist”, which explored hot-button racial American issues from the black and white perspective. That video is currently sitting above 55-million views. Joyner’s new video, “Frozen”, borrows a similar theme as “I’m Not Racist” by channeling Joyner’s rap through the video’s protagonist. This time, it’s a little girl who was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

“Frozen” opens with a little girl lying in the street, bloody and battered, unconsciously reciting Joyner’s commencing lines, “Damn, this is not right / How did I end up on the other side of life?”. The song and video are a bitter, albeit realistic, exploration into how one poor decision, how one moment of absent thinking, how one glance at one’s phone while driving, can change peoples’ lives forever. By picking apart the tropes associated with adolescence, from sleepovers with friends to hula hoops, Joyner highlights the innocent activities that the accidental murderer deprive from this little girl.

The video goes on to document other life-changing situations that render the victims and perpetrators motionless, frozen. And, in classic Joyner fashion, the video culminates in an unsuspecting way that intertwines the narrative to bring closure to this song’s story. It’s another thought-provoking video from the highly intelligent and talented Joyner Lucas.Watch “Frozen” below: