Juelz Santana Baby Moms Spotted In The Club Just 5 Weeks After Giving Birth…(Pictorial)

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Juelz Santana`s baby mother, Kim just gave birth 5 week ago but this weekend she popped up at the club (click here to peep pics of her showing her stuff while pregnant). Notice how flat her stomach is looking, getting back in shape is 5 weeks is a good look and ladies take note. That “I got big after having my kid” excuse is unacceptable! Get your workout game up!


  1. MY man's girl just had a kid and that hoes gut is hangin over her belt like she's boss hog form dukes of hazard!!!lol

  2. But if your baby is only five weeks old what the hell are you doing at a night club, flat belly or not, she need to get her priorities straight.

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