Juicy J Chops It Up With Rap Radar

5 years ago view-show 35,046

Elliot Wilson & B.dot have a great conversation with the trap legend.

One of trap’s pioneers and an instrumental figure in southern hip-hop, Juicy J is a bonafide legend. He’s a founding member of Three 6 Mafia; he’s out here producing tracks for today’s hottest stars, like Megan Thee Stallion. Juicy J cannot be limited by time — if anything, his music sensibility has aged like a fine wine. Today, Juicy sat down with the Rap Radar podcast to download Elliot Wilson and B.dot on what’s going on in his life.

Throughout the 68-minute interview, the icon takes the Rap Radar team through his humble beginnings, speaks on his impact, what it’s like working with new acts today, and more. Juicy also reserves time to speak on issues outside of music, including his investment strategy.

With such a storied career, there’s so much to unpack for Juicy J — and Elliot and B.dot do a respectable job of decompressing such a legacy. 

Watch the Juicy J x Rap Radar interview below: