Kanye Banned From Helping Haiti

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Kanye West has been left out, excluded, shunned (whatever you wanna call it) from the major Hatian earthquake relief benefit concert being put together by George Clooney this Friday.  Kanye has not been invited to perform or speak in any way, according to sources, nor will he be allowed to participate at all.  A producer of the show has been quoted as saying the following:

“After what he said on the Katrina telethon [“George Bush hates Black people”] and the way he behaved at the MTV Video Music Awards, everyone agrees it’s just best that he does not participate…Kanye has to make everything about himself. He will do anything to steal the spotlight and, well, this night it’s just not about him.”

Looks like Kanye has finally pissed too many people off in Hollywood.  Even though he’s one of the biggest stars in the world today, people have learned their lesson to not even take a chance with him and his antics, even if it is for as good of a cause as this one.  Props to Clooney, Wyclef, and Anderson Cooper (the three hosts and main organizers of the event) for putting their collective foot down to prevent any controversy at their upcoming event.

*The picture at the top is Kanye at Fashion Week in Paris with his furry girlfriend Amber Rose


  1. Da earthquake was a U.S.A made!! tryin to take out my people !!!
    no disrespect to da people da give money all over da world but hugo chaves is right!!

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