Kanye West Debuts His Fashion Clothes…Fashion People Say Whatever Whatever

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So Kanye West debuted his fancy fashion clothes line in Paris.  The line, DW , kind of got shat on by a bunch of fashion people.  Not sure my opinion matters but all I know is that some of those chicks look hot.  Think it has more to do with the fact they are models than the clothes, but hot is hot.

Via Women’s Wear Daily

It had the earnest veneer of a beginner, which was sort of endearing. Less so was West’s refusal to do interviews leading up to the show. In this business, a little good will goes a long way.

Via Daily Telagraph

It was certainly a grand venue, a ravishing neo-classical Lycée opposite the Panthéon on one of Paris’s most imposing cobbled squares. Inside the Lycee’s library, the book-lined walls were concealed behind temporary white screens and the room frazzled with infra red light. Kanye West’s fashion debut was like being subjected to an hour long MRI scan – but not as much fun. Those blanked-out books turned out to be a depressingly apt metaphor for this entire stupendously vacuous enterprise. Even those actresses turned designers, Lindsay Lohan and the Olsen sisters struggled to look engaged.

Via NY Times

What Mr. West eventually showed was confusing as well. Though designers in Paris are presenting collections for next spring and summer this week, Mr. West’s collection was heavy on leather, fur and coats, some pieces dripping with so much fox you couldn’t tell if they were stoles or backpacks. The show opened with a hot-club moment, with slinky ridged dresses like those of Pucci and Balmain, with slits and zippers cut around the sides, and a heavy motorcycle jacket that had its sleeves sliced in half. A sparkly cropped jacket had so many bits of flare in it that you could imagine Mr. West sampling fashion like he samples different styles of music. There was one good-looking pair of color-blocked pants in blue and coral, but it was obvious that most of the clothes suffered from a poor fit.