Kanye Denies $4000 Indian Takeaway Story, Heads To Malaysia

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By: Rizoh

      Someone is definitely going to eat like a King iin New York this week, but it’s not Kanye West. Contrary to early reports that West had ordered a $3,900 curry to be delivered from the UK to New York, Def Jam spokesperson Gabe Tesoriero has called the story false.

"There is no meeting in New York. There never has been," spokesman Gabe Tesoriero

      The British Raj restaurant confirmed that the food was en route to New York by plane. It said the bill was being footed by a promotion company called Raw Soul.

      On a related note, Kanye is set to headline a show in Malaysia’s Stadium Negara on April 8th.


  1. Why does anyone care if he ordered 4,000 worth of food or not? He’s worked hard for the Goods he can spend it anyway he likes. people need to mind there business.

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