Katt Williams In Trouble With Police…Again

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It’s being reported that police in Fulton County, Georgia have issued not one, but TWO warrants for Katt Williams arrest. The warrants are apparently stemming from an altercation that occured between Katt and Merion Powers.

Katt allegedly hit Powers in the face during a dispute between the two at the Four Seasons hotel in ATL.

Powers is claiming that he went to the room to discuss a debt with Katt and when he felt the situation began to escalate he recorded the dispute on his cell phone.

However Katt is claiming that Powers was trying to extort him over recordings he had previously made.

Hotel security and police then arrived, but no arrests were made at the time. The warrants for Katt were issued on December 28th and the charges he’s facing include battery and false imprisonment.

Katt was also arrested in november for allegedly robbing someone and was also arrested in December for allegedly having a shotgun in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

Damn Katt what’s going on here, it’s something else every month. Get it together and make the people laugh again. We already lost Chappelle and we don’t want to lose you either.