Kendrick Lamar In The Studio With Pharrell…Might Drop LP With J. Cole

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So this picture recently surfaced of Kendrick & Pharrell in the studio.  While it’s dope that Pharrell is recognizing Kendrick’s talents, I personally feel like Kendrick needs to just keep working with the producers he is already working with.  It’s obviously working, and if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it.  Plus to keep it 100 Pharrell has been slipping as of late.  And that is coming from a Pharrell fanboy.

Plus J. Cole had this to say about the project he is working on with Kendrick.  It’s looking like he wants the project be and album as opposed to a mixtape.  Sound like a great idea if those guys respective labels are down to work with one another.  Mr. Cole told Hard Knock TV:

I’m not settling for a mixtape because I feel we’re too talented for that and the music we’ve made so far is too good. I want to build. Even if it takes 9-10 months whatever, I feel like the final outcome of that project is something that hip hop needs.