Keri Hilson On Being A Freak…

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Keri Hilson is wicked hot.  I try not to concentrate on girls who will never touch my wee wee, but I still can throw her a couple of my dirty thoughts.  Spotted at NB.

Being a freak, it’s like that’s what you want to be. I’m not saying [have sex] with each and everybody in that record. I’m talking about one guy on one night and if women are very honest, this is what we want some nights. It’s not to be mistaken with hoe.

To me there’s nothing sexier than confidence so don’t wear or be anybody that you’re not comfortable being or wearing. My album is all about taking control and owning yourself, owning your sexuality, owning your beauty, your confidence, don’t allow others opinions or a man’s opinions validate how you should feel about yourself.




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