Kevin Gates Shares ‘I’m Him’ Tracklist

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His sophomore album drops at midnight.

Tomorrow will be a big day for hip-hop. No ordinary “New Music Friday,” the 27th brings with it DaBaby’s sophomore album, KIRK, and none other than NOLA’s own, Kevin Gates, with I’m Him. Today, Gates has finally revealed the I’m Him tracklist.

Marking only his second studio album — yes, you read that correctly — the new KG album technically follows his standout Islah debut, which netted universal acclaim — both critically and commercially. Outside of “officially” classified-albums, I’m Him will be the “Really Really” rapper’s 21st project, directly following his June EP, Only Generals Gon Understand. Now, to that tracklist.

I’m Him comes in loaded at 17 tracks, featuring singles “Push It” and “Facts.” Although the preliminary tracklist doesn’t list any features, it’s not a foregone conclusion that KG won’t get a helping hand from his peers.

Check it out below:

  1. RBS Intro
  2. Icebox
  3. By My Lonely
  4. Bags
  5. Facts
  6. Fatal Attraction
  7. Say It Twice
  8. Walls Talking
  9. Let It Go
  10. Face Down
  11. Push It
  12. Have You Ever
  13. Pretend
  14. What I Like
  15. Funny How
  16. Betta for You
  17. Fly Again