Kevin Gates Sings His Wife’s Praises On “Dreka”

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Giving credit where credit’s due.

Kevin Gates has watched his star rise during his tenure, sure, but he’s also undergone personal growth. Coming into the game as a teenager, the now 33-year-old rapper still retains shades of what’s made him a standout — i.e. that southern drawl; a “hey, this is me” demeanor — but he’s matured beautifully throughout his storied career. On his newest single, “Dreka,” that maturation comes to a head.

A tribute to his wife, “Dreka” is a dichotomy: not only does it honor his life partner, who’s been his ride-or-die for years, but it’s also self-aware, as it highlights his shortcomings. Beginning their relationship at 17, Gates’ wife, Dreka, has witnessed the NOLA MC evolve from a misbehaving teenager to an adoring adult father. 

Everyone makes mistakes, everyone wishes they could do something differently; but not everyone has the stones to admit when they’re wrong, and make an active effort towards self-betterment. 

Gates and Dreka are expecting parents once again, getting ready to welcome their third child into the world.

Listen to KG sing his wife’s praises on “Dreka” below: