Kevin Hart Plays Himself in New J. Cole Video

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“Kevin’s Heart” gets the visual treatment.

J. Cole elated the hip-hop world with his surprise announcement for the 4/20-released KOD, his fifth studio album. A 12-track featureless project with converging narratives revolving around drugs, the youth, ego, and more, Cole shines a light on temptation’s evil allure on “Kevin’s Heart”. Today, Jermaine released the track’s official video–featuring the real Kevin Hart, playing Kevin Hart.

A clever play on words, given Kevin Hart’s 2017 infidelity scandal, “Kevin’s Heart” represents the emotional turbulence of trying to resist temptation, but eventually succumbing to the allconsuming irresistible nature. In the video, Kevin Hart attempts to go about his normal life–as “normal” as normal can be for a celebrity–but keeps catching the judgemental glares from his peers at pedestrian locations: the grocery store, a traffic light, at dinner. It’s a video showing a man of such great professional stature be dragged down by his tarnished by his reputation. But even though Kevin Hart is a famed comedian, he still is a man, a human being, capable of human nature–just like all of us.

Watch “Kevin’s Heart” below