Keyshia and her Momma Get Down and Dirty

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By:  Hot Gossip Gal

Keyshia and Her Momma Get Down and Dirty

       I heard this the other day but wanted to check some details out before I actually told y’all..but anyhow what I heard was true according to my fam down in TN. Keyshia Cole and her Momma had to pull rank on some chick down in TN who had been a lil rude about KC. They didn’t pull the chick to the side and check her..they beat her ass down in the street along with a few other gals from KC’s entourage and checked her. Now you know not to mess with family right. But from what we have seen lately of Keysh, she been acting all uppity anyway, so maybe she pissed home girl off with her attitude anyway


  1. That shit didnt go down like that. KC got her ass whooped in Memphis last week. It wasnt just one girl. It was a group of girls from North Memphis who got in her face because she had a nasty attitude. She know better to come to the M Town with that shit.

  2. What i cant understand is why are the same people that listen to violent music the same folks in here disrespectin’ KC? So she whooped someones ass? so, if you’re gonna pick somethin to hate on, this aint it. let it go.

  3. Hell naw that aint how it went down. KC and ha fam got their asses whooped. Some ex-fans of KC spoke to KC and KC acted like she didn’t hear them and one of the Memphis females said damn bitch I know you heard me. Then KC got slicked and ha fam ran down to the main lobby and they got ta jacking. Of course KC and ha fam got their asses tow up. We aint playing in the M-town.

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