Khia Talkin Ish Again

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Nowwww!!! Why is it always F-U-*-K Khia? Is it because I am all NATURAL??????? Is it because I work hard for mine and I didn’t have to fu*k and suck to get where I am at????? Like other whores we know?? Or….. Is it because I am just too BLACK for ya’ll BIT*HES???? Ya’ll still stuck on dese high yellow hoes dats killing ya’ll slooooowly!!! Why is that whores get all the paise and Queens get looked down upon?? Why is it that ya’ll don’t respect a bit*h with nappy hair but ya’ll praise a bit*h with fake hair, face paint and an injected ASS????LOL!!!! Wake up BIT*HES….Ya’ll will got to bat for a sneaky, lying, canieving, money hungary, baby plotting trapping ass hoe before going to bat for a Queen??? Know the difference…..Some of us like staying home cooking hot meals, fu*king our Kings and watching the game on Sunday. Some of us don’t wanna be “SINGLE AGAIN and Back on the Prowl” Know the difference. Cuz I am sick of dem hoes making it bad for real Queens like me!!!

From now on….. You fu*k a bitch with a ass like Deleeshis … Sign your death certificate!!!!! Cuz you are dead!!! Ms. Nivea……… Maybe I can help you loose a few pounds…. It seemed to work for Trina!!!! Gurrrrrrl aint you married??? After-birth aint out your ass and you still chasing after my man… Go back home to your husband and your newborn baby. You aint been married two years and now you wanna holla you getting a divorce!!! You aint divorced yet bitch…. So go hooooome!!! Girrrrrl you didn’t love dat man…. You done had that man’s baby and now you think you got some security Huh… He aint gone write you no more songs Hoe!!! This is the case of…….”Trap your producer with a baby, marriage=child support + alimony!!! Sick of these hoes making it bad for real Queens like me!!!!! It’s okay baby… I aint mad…Sew your royal oats……And for you whores…. For the record…Everything that ya’ll teach him… He cums home and performs it on me!!!

And Ms. Kim….. The wannabe soooo innocent hoe that fu*ked and sucked Ray- J good and put that sex tape out on purpose….. She wanted yall to see her suck dat dick. SCANDULOUS HOES… That’s what hoes do…. To get famous!!! She went and got some ass shots and now she‘s a super HOE star….. And us Queens are out here grinding and working hard and y’all wanna hate on a Queens like me!! Ya;ll call me black and ugly???How can you put BLACK and UGLY in the same sentence and these whores is steady taking our BLACK KINGS???? What has she done besides… Suck a dick… And she get REGGIE…. I want me a football player…. Reggie call me baby…… Ohhhhhh I forgot… It’s ALL WAYNE’S!!!!! I love my BLACK KINGS!! Don’t ya’ll get it???? Black is beautiful but you black bitches don’t seem to get that! I’m soooo glad that the white bitches do!!! Dats a muthafu*kin damn shame!!!



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  1. khaia ……………please…………cut the shit………….please……….if u got wayne….do a song wit dat nigga ….so he can get you out dat whole u dug urself in …..”queen”

  2. Kim,Trina,Nivea,or Janet somebody get at this Lame so she can shut her
    Hatin’ as mouth.At least let the girl hold a dollar or two then maybe she’ll be alright.

  3. Kiah, You make good since. It’s good you make yo own way. There’s not enough black Queens keepin it real. the only thing they haven’t done was bleach there skin. Much Success.

  4. All this Bitch Khia do is talk shit about females that make more money then her.Bitch get a Fucking job your rap career is a bust. I wouldn’t buy your CD if it was a dollar. Grow up Hoe go to school anything new.

  5. LOL.. Khia aint real.. She got booted off the show for writing her rap as a new off the brain rap.. lol.. She gutta crazy.. Thugged out with her looks and yet wants to be called a Queen.. Hell I didn’t buy her CD.. but I dance the hell out of K-Wang with it.. lmao..

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