Killa Cam’s Getting Dramatic in “Percentage”

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Dipset Capo Cam’Ron is set to star in the Queen Latifah-produced movie, Percentage. The film is a drama about Cam and Omar Gooding as,

“two New York hustlers who are on the run from a drug deal gone bad. They settle in Miami to build a new empire in the world of credit fraud, but their success brings unwanted attention from law enforcement and Miami’s most notorious criminals.”

Other notables in the movie include Macy Gray, Ving Rhames, Malinda Williams and more. I think it’s safe to say you’re not seeing this in theatres.



  1. long it got good production and storyline…i can't wait for this to come out…if Shottas can go 4rm bootleg to being on Showtime/HBO….whatever…it can happen again!!!

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